Artist's Policy and Procedure for Creating a Portrait

In the first meeting with the client, the arrangement of the portrait will be determined by discussing the pose, setting, clothing, and size. At that time, a date will be set for the artist to take photographs. Or the client may provide a photograph at the initial meeting to be reviewed by the artist.

A 40% deposit is due when the portrait is commissioned, Once a deposit is put down the subject's photograph will be taken, at the client's and artist's convenience, no more than 12 months from the date of the deposit, and the portrait scheduled. Scheduled completion date of newly commissioned portraits will be determined by the artist, depending upon the number of portraits already commissioned.

The final payment is due upon acceptance of the portrait. Finishing touches may be added to insure satisfaction with the subject's likeness.
The artist will guarantee to do one sibling's portrait at the same price as the original commission as long as the sibling's portrait is commissioned within the next 24 month period. After that time, commissions are subject to current portrait prices. This guarantee is valid only for siblings.

Portrait Price Guideline*

1 Person
2 People
Head and Shoulders
3/4 Figure includes hands
Full Figure
Large Full Figure over 30" x 40
*prices effective March 1, 2007
Additional subjects to be discussed with artist. Sizes are variable depending on composition and number of subjects. Custom sizes may be ordered to fit your decor. Pets included in a portrait will be $1,000 per pet.
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