Tuscany Alleyway
"Oil has always been my dominant medium. Its richness seems to draw you into its depth of color and your senses can swim in it. No other medium can do that for me. In portraits I use this richness to present an individual and show not only their appearance but also a part of their personality. When I've done this I know it has been a successful painting that a family can cherish. It's a wonderful feeling and I think I am so fortunate to be able to do work that I love and at the same time be able to provide someone with a slice of time in a loved one's life." "As for my landscapes, I use a combination of plein air (on location painting) and working from photos. Working plein air gives me a true vision of perspective and color, while the photo references give me the instant gesture or play of light. Light, shadow, color, and composition play important roles in my work. My landscapes are emotional. Sometimes I use a color in a certain spot just because I feel it should be there!"
Chris Kling